Lynne Jilot Reviews Los Angeles Magician Lou Serrano

Last Sunday night I had the pleasure of performing for a small group of 16 people at a private residence in Laguna Beach, CA. The home was situated on a cliff with an amazing view of the beach below. 

After a 45-minute close-up magic show I received a fantastic review from the hostess, Lynne Jilot, which you can see above. It's intimate events like this where I can showcase the artistic sleight-of-hand magic that I've worked so many years to perfect. The audience was particularly expressive and appreciative, and it's intimate shows like these that remind me of why I started with close-up magic so many years ago.

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Los Angeles Magician, Lou Serrano, Performs At Dixie Canyon Elementary School

As a Los Angeles based magician, I have the opportunity to work many diverse events, and although most of my performances are for adult corporate audiences, I also perform for many family audiences. 

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Los Angeles Magician Performing At The World Famous Magic Castle

Once again I'll be performing at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Magic Castle, here are the details. The Magic Castle is a private club nestled at the base of the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, CA. It's housed in an old Victorian mansion built in 1908, and since 1963 it's been a private club for magicians. 

The Magic Castle - Los Angeles, CA.jpg

From the outside the club looks like it's around 2400 square feet, but from the inside it's about 24,000 square feet. There are five showrooms, five bars, and a restaurant. 

I'll be performing the early shows in my favorite room, the Close-Up Gallery; four shows per night, Dec. 21 through Dec, 27, 2015. (We'll be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.)

This will be my 20th year performing at this amazing club, and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm even more excited, because the 27th is my birthday, so it's the perfect way to celebrate!

Lou Serrano

Los Angeles Magician and Corporate Entertainment Specialist

Los Angeles Magician Performs At Kool And The Gang After Party

As a professional Los Angeles magician, I never really know for whom I'll be performing when I get hired to perform at an event. Last week I was hired to perform a couple of hours of world-class strolling close-up magic at a private event. It turned out that funk/jazz/R&B/pop band, Kool And The Gang, was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. You can read the story here: Kool And The Gang Honored With A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame. 

I was hired to perform at the after-party where 250 guests were invited to celebrate such a great honor. Family, friends, and prestigious members of the entertainment industry were all in attendance, and were all very receptive to my special brand of close-up magic. 

The party continued long after the I left the premises, but I'm grateful for the opportunity to have entertained such a great group of people.

Lou Serrano 

Los Angeles Magician

John Lazarias Reviews Los Angeles Magician Lou Serrano

As a Los Angeles magician I get to perform at a wide variety of events from large corporate functions to small house parties. I recently performed at a private event in the Los Angeles area, where I performed a 45-minute close-up magic show for group of 12 people. I love these types of shows, because the audience is so close to the action, and it make for a very intimate performance. 

After my performance, John Lazarias gave me a fantastic video review which you can see below. 


Pictures From A Recent Gig - Magic, Fire Eating, and an LAPD Lieutenant

As a professional Los Angeles magician, I perform at many events where there is a professional photographer taking pictures of the event. Most of the time I will ask if I can get a copy of some of the pictures. They almost always say yes, but they rarely come through in the end. Maybe they're just too busy, and I'm not a priority in their busy schedule. Once in a while a client will surprise me and actually send me copies of the photos. This was the case with the following pictures. 

Dee Dee and I had performed at a retirement party for LAPD Lieutenant (Ret.), Lionel Garcia, and he surprised me with a batch of pictures from the event. The following photo is my favorite. I love the detail that was captured of the flames.

Fire eating at the opening of my show.

The photographer was able to get photos of not only our stage show, but also some pictures during the cocktail hour while I was performing some strolling magic.

Since most of my performance photos are taken with an iPhone, I'm always amazed at the clarity and the detail that is captured from a professional photographer with professional equipment. 

Lou Serrano

A Fantastic End To The Month For Corporate & Social Entertainer Lou Serrano

May ended up being the busiest month of the year so far with 22 events booked all across Southern CA. Although the month was a blur of social and corporate events, the very last week was particularly memorable. 

On Thurs. May 28th, Dee and I performed for the Hemet High School Grad Night. They were expecting between 500 and 600 high school graduates, and we performed a 45-minute magic show for a weary and sleep-deprived crowd. The Grad Night started at 9 p.m. and ended at 4:00 a.m. the following morning. Our show started at 3:00 a.m. and although it was quite late to be starting a show, the adrenaline kicked in and we delivered a high-energy performance. The audience was much more receptive than I anticipated, and we've already been asked back to perform next year!

On Sat. May 30th, I had two shows. The first was for a private event of about 30 people at the City Club of Los Angeles. The City Club is a private club located on the 51st floor of the City National building in heart of Downtown Los Angeles. This was the second time I've done a show here in the last six months This place is beautiful with amazing views of the entire city.

My second show was in Westchester, CA for a 50th birthday party. There were about 50 people all gathered in the family room, and I performed a 45-minute show. The audience was fantastic! By coincidence I ran into a fellow performer and wonderfully entertaining balloon artist, Dennis Forel, who took the following picture.

Los Angeles magician Lou Serrano.jpg

Sunday ended with two more private shows. The first in Calabasas, CA and the second in Encino, CA. Both audiences were very similar, and at the same time, very different. Both groups consisted of about 20 people with the first group being very young people and the second group being all retirees. The nice thing about magic is that it transcends all age barriers. It's amazing to see young and old alike experience the wonder of a stealthily executed illusion.

I'm so incredibly grateful that I get to make a living as a professional magician sharing my special brand of magic, comedy, and mind reading. No two days are ever the same, and no two audiences are ever the same. It's what makes my line of work as a Los Angeles magician exhilarating!

I'm looking forward to the diverse types of engagements that June is sure to bring. If you'd like some world-class entertainment to delight your guests at your next event, please don't hesitate to give me a call.

Lou Serrano

Watch Magician Lou Serrano on Trojan Vision's CU@USC

A few weeks ago I was a guest on Trojan Vision's CU@USC, a television show run by students at the University of Southern CA campus with Lauren Day as the host. The first half consisted of an interview on my life as a professional magician, and when we came back from commercials, I performed a twelve minute set of magic for the host. 

Although the show is run by students, the entire crew was courteous, helpful, and highly professional. The studio itself is housed at the state-of-the-art Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts.  

I also found out that my episode won Trojan Vision's award for Best Special Episode.

I learned a lot from doing the spot, I met some really great people, and most importantly it was a fun experience! If you'd like to watch the episode, click on either picture above or on the link below.

Lou Serrano 

The Never Ending Journey Of A Professional Los Angeles Magician


The never ending journey of a professional Los Angeles magician is not the journey most people would think about. It's the journey of building a successful business, of creating new marketing strategies to keep up with changing times, of recognizing and seizing new opportunities, and having the will and determination to do the things that most others aren't willing to do. It's a journey filled with pitfalls and insecurities, but also great reward for those who are willing to stay the path. 

I've been a professional magician for the last twenty-one years, and one of my bread and butter gigs throughout those twenty-one years has been performing in local restaurants. Over the years I've had long term engagements at over a dozen restaurants (The Pizza Cookery - Woodland Hills, Loozy Anne's Cafe - Agoura Hills, The Hamburger Hamlet - Agoura Hills, The Malibu Inn - Malibu, Mo's - Woodland Hills, Mo's - Burbank, Ruby's Diner - Redondo Beach, Ruby's Diner - Woodland Hills, Red Lobster - La Puente, The Alamo - Newbury Park, The Alamo - Agoura Hills, Earth Wind & Flour - Santa Monica, Shady Canyon Golf Club - Irvine, and Sea Cliff Country Club - Huntington Beach), and I've filled in at countless others for friends who needed a replacement for a night. At one time I had as many as six restaurant gigs per week, and I'm incredibly grateful for all the benefits of having done so. Not the least of which was polishing my magic routines to the point where it's almost second nature and nothing can faze me.  

When I first started in this business, most of my gigs came through word-of-mouth referrals. Now more and more of my business comes through people finding me on the internet. It's forced me to learn marketing strategies that didn't even exist when I started all those years ago. 

As I write this, I have to admit that it's been a fascinating journey, and I'll soon be making some changes to my business that will forever change the course of my career. There are so many opportunities that lay ahead. I'm excited for what the future may bring.

Lou Serrano

Los Angeles Magician Provides Unique Corporate Entertainment

empty corporate stage.jpg

As a corporate entertainer I'm hired to perform at a wide variety of events in very different industries. Every event is unique with its own set of challenges. Some nights I might be performing my full stage show for several hundred people, and other nights I may be performing a very intimate show for a group of ten people. Luckily, I enjoy the diversity of performances, and I welcome the challenges that come with delivering a performance that meets and exceeds the expectations of my customers. 

Yesterday I had the opportunity to perform a 30-minute close-up magic show for a group of twenty CEOs from several Los Angeles based companies. This was a group of very sophisticated, intelligent, and successful people who were incredibly receptive to my performance. The show consisted of sleight-of-hand magic with small objects combined with a mind reading showpiece. The reaction was fantastic with everyone talking about what they had just witnessed long after I was done. 

Sometimes these small shows end up being my favorite (probably because of the ease of interaction and engagement with the attendees) and this event was no exception. My client was thrilled with the response, and one of the attendees offered his thoughts in the accompanying video.

If you have an upcoming event and would like to WOW your attendees, please give me a call. I have several entertainment options available to meet almost any need.

Lou Serrano


Grant Cardone's The 10X Rule

I recently read The 10X Rule - The Only Difference Between Success And Failure by Grant Cardone, and it's already making a positive difference in my life and my business as a professional Los Angeles magician.  

Cardone is a New York Times best selling author. He's also a motivational speaker and a business and sales expert. I first heard of him through my twitter feed, and while perusing the business section at a bookstore, I came across this book.

It is full of simple, practical, and actionable ideas. His ideas are not new, and I had already started implementing the concepts discussed in his book before I ever purchased the book, but reading The 10X Rule just gave me that extra push to continue on my journey.

The 10X Rule talks about setting your goals 10X higher than you previously would have done, and then putting in 10x the effort to reach your goal. 

His style of writing can be a little polarizing with chapters such as Competition Is For Sissies, and Obsession Isn't A Disease; It's A Gift, but it's his simple and frank language that resonated with me.

It's one of the best books I've read in the last 12 months. If you're looking to kick your business into high gear, pick up a copy. Highly recommended.

Lou Serrano



Upping The Ante in 2015

In this latest video I share some ideas on how to make 2015 your best year yet. I also open up the video with a little fire eating, so if you're into that sort of thing, check out Los Angeles magician, Lou Serrano (that's me!) eat some fire!

Lou Serrano

Celebrating the New Year in The Big Easy (New Orleans)!

After an incredibly busy December, my business partner, Dee Dee, and I decided to take a short vacation to New Orleans to ring in the new year. The following video shows a snippet of our adventures. 

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous 2015!

Lou Serrano