The Never Ending Journey Of A Professional Los Angeles Magician


The never ending journey of a professional Los Angeles magician is not the journey most people would think about. It's the journey of building a successful business, of creating new marketing strategies to keep up with changing times, of recognizing and seizing new opportunities, and having the will and determination to do the things that most others aren't willing to do. It's a journey filled with pitfalls and insecurities, but also great reward for those who are willing to stay the path. 

I've been a professional magician for the last twenty-one years, and one of my bread and butter gigs throughout those twenty-one years has been performing in local restaurants. Over the years I've had long term engagements at over a dozen restaurants (The Pizza Cookery - Woodland Hills, Loozy Anne's Cafe - Agoura Hills, The Hamburger Hamlet - Agoura Hills, The Malibu Inn - Malibu, Mo's - Woodland Hills, Mo's - Burbank, Ruby's Diner - Redondo Beach, Ruby's Diner - Woodland Hills, Red Lobster - La Puente, The Alamo - Newbury Park, The Alamo - Agoura Hills, Earth Wind & Flour - Santa Monica, Shady Canyon Golf Club - Irvine, and Sea Cliff Country Club - Huntington Beach), and I've filled in at countless others for friends who needed a replacement for a night. At one time I had as many as six restaurant gigs per week, and I'm incredibly grateful for all the benefits of having done so. Not the least of which was polishing my magic routines to the point where it's almost second nature and nothing can faze me.  

When I first started in this business, most of my gigs came through word-of-mouth referrals. Now more and more of my business comes through people finding me on the internet. It's forced me to learn marketing strategies that didn't even exist when I started all those years ago. 

As I write this, I have to admit that it's been a fascinating journey, and I'll soon be making some changes to my business that will forever change the course of my career. There are so many opportunities that lay ahead. I'm excited for what the future may bring.

Lou Serrano