Successful People Are Askers

I like to use ASK as an acronym for Always Seeking Knowledge. Successful people are askers. Because they ask for more, they actually receive more.


Throughout my career as a magician, speaker, marketer of products, and as a business consultant to other small business owners, I've always asked for help from others who are more successful than I am. The interesting thing is... the more successful a person is, in most cases, the more likely that person will be willing to help.

When you ask someone for help, it is viewed as a sign of respect. You are telling that person that you value his knowledge, wisdom, experience, time, and talent, so why not ask? What is the worst that can happen? They say, "No." Who cares? Ask someone else.

But there is a flip side to asking. If you're going to ask, you have to take action, because knowledge without action is completely useless. It's only the implementation of that knowledge that creates something of value.

If you want to succeed in life, ask for what you want and then take action. Just don't be a taker. Pay it forward, and help those who come to you. It will come back to you in abundance. 

(About the author: Lou Serrano is an Audience Engagement Specialist. He connects your organization to your employees, customers, vendors, and special guests in a positive, fun, memorable, and meaningful way.)




Corporate Entertainment Conference in Costa Rica

This month Dee Dee and I had the opportunity to attend Act Up; a corporate entertainment training conference. This event was hosted by David Hira and Mike Arthur in the beautiful country of Costa Rica! Five days of training in an idyllic setting of the Rio Perlas Hotel situated in Orosi, Cartago, Costa Rica.

Although I can't share the specific things I learned at this conference, I can tell you that it had a profound impact on how I look at my business, my clients, my show, and my audience. Most conference are educational. For me this conference was TRANSFORMATIONAL

Coming from me, this is high praise, when you consider I've studied marketing and business development for longer than I've studied magic. I've attended dozens of conferences, studied countless books and courses, and I've even received private coaching from some of the most successful entertainers in this business. Since 2009 I've sold my own marketing and business development course for magicians, and I've coached countless other entertainers on succeeding in this business of entertainment.  

With all this knowledge and experience, you'd think I'd know everything there is to know about this business. Not so. Some of the business insights I received from David Hira are things I've never heard anyone else talk about. Others were presented in a way that made me realize I wasn't doing things to the best of my ability. The insights I received from Mike Arthur on presentation techniques have helped me connect with my audiences in a way I never have before. All of this in less than a week!

You might ask how I've been able to see results in such a short period of time. For those who know me well, you realize I'm a person who takes action. As I often share with my coaching clients, "To know and not do is to not yet know." There is something about the process of "doing" that cements the knowledge in your brain, and it's only in the process of taking action that one sees results.

Knowledge without actions is completely useless. it’s only in the implementation of that knowledge that creates something of value.

Aside from all the valuable knowledge I gained throughout the week, there was value in sharing the experience with other like-minded performers and soaking in all we could of the Costa Rican landscape.

(About the Author: Lou Serrano is an Audience Engagement Specialist. Lou offers more than entertainment, more than fun, he connects your company to your employees, prospects, customers, and special guests in a memorable and meaningful way.)

Grant Cardone's The 10X Rule

I recently read The 10X Rule - The Only Difference Between Success And Failure by Grant Cardone, and it's already making a positive difference in my life and my business as a professional Los Angeles magician.  

Cardone is a New York Times best selling author. He's also a motivational speaker and a business and sales expert. I first heard of him through my twitter feed, and while perusing the business section at a bookstore, I came across this book.

It is full of simple, practical, and actionable ideas. His ideas are not new, and I had already started implementing the concepts discussed in his book before I ever purchased the book, but reading The 10X Rule just gave me that extra push to continue on my journey.

The 10X Rule talks about setting your goals 10X higher than you previously would have done, and then putting in 10x the effort to reach your goal. 

His style of writing can be a little polarizing with chapters such as Competition Is For Sissies, and Obsession Isn't A Disease; It's A Gift, but it's his simple and frank language that resonated with me.

It's one of the best books I've read in the last 12 months. If you're looking to kick your business into high gear, pick up a copy. Highly recommended.

Lou Serrano



Upping The Ante in 2015

In this latest video I share some ideas on how to make 2015 your best year yet. I also open up the video with a little fire eating, so if you're into that sort of thing, check out Los Angeles magician, Lou Serrano (that's me!) eat some fire!

Lou Serrano