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Dear Corporate Event Planner,

My name is Lou Serrano, and I’m a full-time corporate magician and mentalist specializing in corporate entertainment. For over twenty years I’ve helped companies big and small create memorable and successful events worldwide.

My experience has helped create successful events at trade shows, sales meetings, conferences, award banquets, holiday parties, product launches, wrap parties, golf tournaments, introduction of officers, and many other special corporate events.

From world-class "mingling" close-up magic during your cocktail reception that is designed to "break the ice" and engage your important guests, to a full 45-minute after-dinner show that will connect your company to your audience in a fun and meaningful way, you and your guests will come together through an engaging theatrical experience. 

What makes me different?

I care about You... Your guests... and the success of Your event. I will make every guest feel important and appreciated, and You will look like the hero for hiring me.

Give me a call at 818-620-9356 to discuss how I can help make your next corporate event an enormous success.

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"Lou Serrano is a Big Bowl of WOW" - Jeff Garlin

"Lou Serrano's Show is More Magical than the Bellagio Fountains" - Simon Eschbach

"Absolutely Amazing" - Christie Brinkley

What Do You Get When You Hire Me?

  • Corporate Clean Comedy - All of my comedy is corporate clean. I realize you may have many VIPs in the audience. The last thing you'd want is an important client being embarrassed or insulted on stage. I always work clean. People will be laughing throughout the show, but those laughs will never come at the expense of someone else.

  • Highly Visual Professional Magic - Whether you have a small group in a boardroom or hundreds of people in a large banquet hall, your guests and attendees will experience magic that looks like magic. I don't perform cheesy tricks, instead I amaze with sophisticated visual magic for the most discerning audiences.

  • Mentalism That Blows Minds - Your guests will experience world-class mentalism. This is magic of the mind, and your attendees will be convinced that I know what they're thinking.

  • Tried and True, First Rate Entertainment - For over twenty years I've performed all over the country representing major corporations in a wide variety of venues. When you hire me, you get experience that translates into highly successful events.

  • No Prima Donna's Here - You may have many things on your mind getting ready for your event, but worrying about your entertainment won't be one of them. I make sure your experience with me is an enjoyable one. You'll be dealing with a professional who returns calls promptly, shows up on time, and delivers the performance of a lifetime!

  • Guaranteed Fun - I pride myself on building relationships with my customers, so I'm not happy unless you're happy. I guarantee your guests will have a great time and thank you for having me there. If you aren't thrilled with my performance, just let me know and I'll refund your money. The only reason I'm able to offer such a guarantee is that I'm very confident that you will love doing business with me. In two decades of performing I've never had anyone ask for their money back, and many of my clients hire me year after year.

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