Pictures From A Recent Gig - Magic, Fire Eating, and an LAPD Lieutenant

As a professional Los Angeles magician, I perform at many events where there is a professional photographer taking pictures of the event. Most of the time I will ask if I can get a copy of some of the pictures. They almost always say yes, but they rarely come through in the end. Maybe they're just too busy, and I'm not a priority in their busy schedule. Once in a while a client will surprise me and actually send me copies of the photos. This was the case with the following pictures. 

Dee Dee and I had performed at a retirement party for LAPD Lieutenant (Ret.), Lionel Garcia, and he surprised me with a batch of pictures from the event. The following photo is my favorite. I love the detail that was captured of the flames.

Fire eating at the opening of my show.

The photographer was able to get photos of not only our stage show, but also some pictures during the cocktail hour while I was performing some strolling magic.

Since most of my performance photos are taken with an iPhone, I'm always amazed at the clarity and the detail that is captured from a professional photographer with professional equipment. 

Lou Serrano