Rip it! Revolutionized

A performance of Rip it! Revolutionized.. An impromptu torn and restored dollar bill routine. To view the tutorial video, click on the link below. You must know the password to access the tutorial, but it will be easy for any magician to figure out.

Click on the following link to view the tutorial, but you will need a password.

Hint: Alex Elmsley was a famous sleight-of-hand magician who passed away in 2006. He created a card move that almost every card magician uses with packet tricks. The move is called the Elmsley c_____. Use lower case letters when entering the password.

Click Here To View The Tutorial

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Magic Extravaganza at Machinima Holiday Event

Back on December 14th I had the opportunity to put together a Magical Extravaganza for the fine people at Machinima. The client wanted a Magic Castle style event for their employees, so I put together a team of some of the best magicians in Southern CA. Joe Skilton, Zach Waldman, and Steve Wastell joined me in putting together an amazing night.

My wife, Dee Dee, was on hand to ensure everything went smoothly, and she manned the camera for my performance. The video above give you a glimpse into this extraordinary night.

A huge thanks goes out to my client, Jason Frizado, for trusting me to put on a spectacular night of magic, mentalism, and comedy!

Lou and Dee Dee with our client, Jason Frizado.

Lou and Dee Dee with our client, Jason Frizado.

The magic crew. Lou Serrano, Dee Dee Serrano, Steve Wastell, Zach Waldman, and Joe Skilton. After performance dinner.

The magic crew. Lou Serrano, Dee Dee Serrano, Steve Wastell, Zach Waldman, and Joe Skilton. After performance dinner.

(About the Author: Lou Serrano is an Audience Engagement Specialist. He helps organizations connect with their people in a fun, positive, memorable, and meaningful way.)

Las Vegas Magic Shows - The Magic Capital Of The world

Las Vegas Magic Shows - The Magic Capital Of The world

I love Las Vegas. The first time I visited was in 1985, and in the 30+ years that have passed, things have changed dramatically.

At that time the Las Vegas Strip was populated with neon signs, and most of the hotels and casinos that currently populate the 4 mile stretch of land didn't exist. The mega resort boom that started with the construction of the Mirage was still a few years away. 

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There's Magic In The Air At Surf And Sand Resort In Laguna Beach

This Saturday night, the Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach will be experiencing magic in more ways than one. Not only will I be performing my 30-minute stage show for some of the resort's finest clients, who will be arriving from all over the world, but I'll also be sharing the stage with Modern Flamenco Guitarist, Emilio.

Blending elements of Spanish Flamenco guitar, South American, African, and Middle Eastern rhythms along with modern and new age influences, Emilio has developed his own passionate style of music, which he calls "Modern Gypsy". His music will help set the ambiance for a truly magical evening, and I'm looking forward to performing alongside these world class artists.

The Surf and Sand Resort is located directly on 500 feet of California's pristine Laguna Beach, and in October of 2015 it was named one of the "Best Romantic Fireplace Destinations" by Luxury Travel Magazine.

Lou Serrano, Corporate Magician

Magic In The Key Of E Minor

As a professional Los Angeles magician who specializes in high-end private and corporate events, I have to be ready to perform in a wide variety of situations. Many times my performing conditions are less than ideal, but as the saying goes, "The show must go on."

The following video is a perfect example of performing in a less than ideal setting. I didn't have a stage, no backdrop, no special lighting, no backstage area, and the audience was spread out in a very large room. 

Regardless of the situation, I still have to make it work. In the end, the client and the guests were extremely happy with the way it all turned out.

If you're having an event and could use some world-class entertainment designed to amaze and delight your guests, please give me a cal. I'd love to hear from you. 

Lou Serrano

Mind Blowing Magic

Gearing Up For "Truth Lies In Magic"

This Saturday night marks the debut of my show with Tad "Mad Tad" Nyland titled Truth Lies In Magic. The show starts at 8 p.m. in the beautiful 99-seat NoHo Arts Theater in North Hollywood, CA. Tickets went on sale a couple of weeks ago, and we sold out within five days. 

Now the pressure is on to deliver a great show. We've been planning this show for several months, and today we'll have our first full dress rehearsal. Many of the routines were designed specifically with this show in mind, so there will be surprises for all in attendance.

We still have a lot of work these next couple of days to put the finishing touches on what promises to be a one night extravaganza of fun, humor, and of course, world-class magic! It's also a live, three-camera taping. These are exciting times!

Lou Serrano

Last Minute Strolling Gig

I got a call just last night for a strolling magic gig in Fountain Valley, CA. It's for a 50th birthday surprise party at the birthday boy's home. Luckily my calendar was clear for today, and I'm looking forward to performing tonight. It's just an hour of magic for about 70 people. 

I love these types of parties where everyone knows each other and get to share in the experience of magic. Much of which will be in their own hands.

These people really have no idea what's in store for them. They're about to have their minds blown (in a good way of course). 

MAGIC. It's good entertainment!

Lou Serrano Magician.jpg

Upping The Ante in 2015

In this latest video I share some ideas on how to make 2015 your best year yet. I also open up the video with a little fire eating, so if you're into that sort of thing, check out Los Angeles magician, Lou Serrano (that's me!) eat some fire!

Lou Serrano