Successful People Are Askers

I like to use ASK as an acronym for Always Seeking Knowledge. Successful people are askers. Because they ask for more, they actually receive more.


Throughout my career as a magician, speaker, marketer of products, and as a business consultant to other small business owners, I've always asked for help from others who are more successful than I am. The interesting thing is... the more successful a person is, in most cases, the more likely that person will be willing to help.

When you ask someone for help, it is viewed as a sign of respect. You are telling that person that you value his knowledge, wisdom, experience, time, and talent, so why not ask? What is the worst that can happen? They say, "No." Who cares? Ask someone else.

But there is a flip side to asking. If you're going to ask, you have to take action, because knowledge without action is completely useless. It's only the implementation of that knowledge that creates something of value.

If you want to succeed in life, ask for what you want and then take action. Just don't be a taker. Pay it forward, and help those who come to you. It will come back to you in abundance. 

(About the author: Lou Serrano is an Audience Engagement Specialist. He connects your organization to your employees, customers, vendors, and special guests in a positive, fun, memorable, and meaningful way.)