Gearing Up For "Truth Lies In Magic"

This Saturday night marks the debut of my show with Tad "Mad Tad" Nyland titled Truth Lies In Magic. The show starts at 8 p.m. in the beautiful 99-seat NoHo Arts Theater in North Hollywood, CA. Tickets went on sale a couple of weeks ago, and we sold out within five days. 

Now the pressure is on to deliver a great show. We've been planning this show for several months, and today we'll have our first full dress rehearsal. Many of the routines were designed specifically with this show in mind, so there will be surprises for all in attendance.

We still have a lot of work these next couple of days to put the finishing touches on what promises to be a one night extravaganza of fun, humor, and of course, world-class magic! It's also a live, three-camera taping. These are exciting times!

Lou Serrano