A Private Performance For Author and Humanitarian, Pat Montandon

Google is an amazing tool. Once in a while I will Google search a client, and sometimes I'm pleasantry surprised to find out who my clients really are.

A few days ago I received a call from a woman who was interested in hiring me for a private party at her home. She was very pleasant over the phone, and she spoke with an eloquence that I found intriguing. She agreed to hire me for a very intimate performance for about a dozen people. 

Her name is Pat Montandon, and after a brief Google search, I found that she's had an illustrious life and career. As a humanitarian, she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three years in a row.  

She is also the author of numerous books, and In 2014 she released her second memoir entitled "Peeing On Hot Coals". (How's that for a title?)

With Pat Montandon after my show at her home in Beverly Hills.

On Wednesday night I performed the show for a very attentive audience at her home in Beverly Hills. She is such a sweet lady, and her guests included her son, Sean Wilsey (an accomplished author himself), and her grandchildren. I was also surprised to see Molly Shannon (best known for her work as a cast member on Saturday Night Live) in attendance who was very gracious with her praise of my show. 

I love getting to know my clients, and hearing about their accomplishments. I find it inspiring, and I use that inspiration as motivation to create greater levels of success in my own career as a magician, keynote speaker, and business consultant to other entertainers. I have to admit, I love my job, and I'm always grateful for the opportunities that come my way.

Lou Serrano