Review of Corporate Entertainer Lou Serrano


I was recently hired to perform for the CA Children's Rehabilitation Foundation (CCRF) fundraiser which was held at the the Long Beach Hyatt in Long Beach, CA. In attendance were some very prominent people in the medical field, and a significant amount of money was raised for a very worthy cause. CCRF helps support the ever-increasing needs of young children and adolescents going through pediatric rehabilitation. 

I was grateful to have been hired as the after-dinner entertainment, and although I was feeling a bit under the weather at the time, I gave what I thought was one of my finest performances, and I was honored with a full-room standing ovation by the attendees. It's always a nice feeling when people appreciate the results of the hard work that I put into delivering a top-notch show. 

The Founder and President of CCRF, Dr. Kimberly BeDell, along with board member Sharon Nordheim were gracious enough to share their thoughts of my presentation immediately afterwards.

Lou Serrano, Corporate Entertainment Specialist