Magic For Professional Magicians

Several years ago I released one of my signature routines on DVD. Lou Serrano's Steel Ball Routine has been a big seller for quite a few years, and not only features The Steel Ball Routine but several other routines that I've honed through thousands of performances at high-end private and corporate events

The magic that is taught in the Steel Ball Routine package is designed for professional magicians. It's not for beginners or the merely curious. These routines will require time and dedication to master.

So why am I bringing this up after all these years? It came to my attention that the promo video that was featured on the website was using Flash-based technology which isn't supported by mobile browsers. With more and more people using mobile devices, I figured I better make some changes. The Steel Ball Routine website now features a video that will play on all browsers and devices.

If you're looking for a reputation-making routine that will amaze audiences of magicians and lay people alike, click on the image above, and check it out!

Lou Serrano