The Webb Schools Reviews Los Angeles Magician Lou Serrano

I recently had the opportunity to perform for the students of The Webb Schools in Claremont, CA. About one hundred 9th through 12th graders from all over the world were in attendance. These kids were part of a student exchange program and were enrolled in a six-week summer program.

I performed a 45-minute show and followed up the show with a Q&A segment. I was amazed by the questions asked. Instead of the usual, "How did you do that?" type of questions, I was asked some very astute business questions relating to how I market, advertise, and run my business.

They were a great group of kids, and the head counselor, Rick Duque, gave me a great review. It was a real pleasure performing for such a smart group of kids, and the stage, lighting, and sound system at the The Webb School was beyond my expectation!