“Do You Want To Make Your Next Trade Show Exhibit An Instant Hit?"

Let Me Show You How I Can Draw A Crowd, Get Your Message Heard, Generate Leads, And Create A Huge Presence On The Trade Show Floor. Guaranteed!

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Dear Trade Show Coordinator,

If you’re exhibiting at a trade show and want to make the best use of your time and money, then I may be one of the most important people you ever speak to. My name is Lou Serrano, and I’m a professional trade show magician, sales entertainer. and trade show presenter.

You’re spending thousands of dollars to create your trade show exhibit, but are the returns on your investment productive? Don’t let your budget dollars go to waste. Hundreds or even thousands of people may be passing by your exhibit, but if people aren't stopping at your booth, why have a booth at all?

I will stop traffic in their tracks, draw them into your booth with mind-blowing feats of magic, and incorporate your company's message along with the benefits of your products and services into a seamless, customized presentation. The result is a one of a kind show that will:

  • Stop traffic at your booth
  • Generate crowds in and around your booth
  • Incorporate your company’s message
  • Get your message heard
  • Promote the benefits of your products and services  
  • Promote your latest product or service
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Ensure you stand out from all the boring booths  
  • Leave a lasting positive impression on the minds of the attendees  
  • Create a huge presence on the trade show floor

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what my trade show customers have to say.

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Why should YOU hire ME?

  • Experience - I’ve had experience working trade shows in different industries from direct marketing and computer accessories to food products and manufacturing. I have the experience to represent your company regardless of the industry you’re in.

  • I have a background in marketing and sales - My entire career has been based on marketing and sales, and I will seamlessly incorporate your sales message into my presentation while keeping people interested and engaged.

  • Adaptability - Whether you have a 10’X 10’ in line booth or a 50’ X 50’ island booth, I can adapt my show to make the biggest impact on your prospects and customers. 

  • Qualified leads - As I go through my presentation, I will ask people questions identifying who they are, so your sales people can immediately follow up with the attendees who are the most qualified to do business with your company. 

  • I speak your customers language - Not only do I learn about your products and services, I consult with your team to learn all the jargon and buzzwords of your specific industry. When I’m done with my presentation, your prospects and customers will believe I know as much about your company’s messaging as your own sales people. 

  • Dynamic and interactive - I will engage people and interact with them so the attendees become a part of the show. Instead of just watching a presentation they will experience it. 

  • Magic is the hook - The magic I perform is designed to grab people’s attention and draw a crowd. Once I have a captive audience, I weave your sales message into the presentation. When they remember the magic, they’ll remember your message!

Call me today at 818-620-9356 for more information.

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100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

I am so confident that you will love my service that I give you a 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason, you are unhappy with the results of my first performance, let me know and you will not owe me a dime. I will happily return every penny of your money, and pay for my own flight back to Los Angeles. That first show will be my gift to you. That is how confident I am about the quality of my services. That is not a promise many others are willing to make.

Call Lou today at 818-620-9356

I look forward to hearing from you!


Lou Serrano
Trade Show Magician, Sales Entertainer, and Trade Show Presenter