Magic Extravaganza at Machinima Holiday Event

Back on December 14th I had the opportunity to put together a Magical Extravaganza for the fine people at Machinima. The client wanted a Magic Castle style event for their employees, so I put together a team of some of the best magicians in Southern CA. Joe Skilton, Zach Waldman, and Steve Wastell joined me in putting together an amazing night.

My wife, Dee Dee, was on hand to ensure everything went smoothly, and she manned the camera for my performance. The video above give you a glimpse into this extraordinary night.

A huge thanks goes out to my client, Jason Frizado, for trusting me to put on a spectacular night of magic, mentalism, and comedy!

Lou and Dee Dee with our client, Jason Frizado.

Lou and Dee Dee with our client, Jason Frizado.

The magic crew. Lou Serrano, Dee Dee Serrano, Steve Wastell, Zach Waldman, and Joe Skilton. After performance dinner.

The magic crew. Lou Serrano, Dee Dee Serrano, Steve Wastell, Zach Waldman, and Joe Skilton. After performance dinner.

(About the Author: Lou Serrano is an Audience Engagement Specialist. He helps organizations connect with their people in a fun, positive, memorable, and meaningful way.)

Currently Booking Events For The 2018/2019 Holiday Season.

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We are in the midst of the holiday booking season, and although I book events as far as a year in advance, I still have select dates available in December and January. If you’re having a year-end holiday party or a corporate event to kick off the new year in January, and you’re procrastination on making those plans, NOW is the time to contact me!

I’d love to have a conversation with you to discuss how to make your next event a magical, memorable, and meaningful experience for you and your important guests.

Lou Serrano


New Year's Eve with Joe Pesci (Super Cool Guy)

Last night I was hired to perform at a New Year's Eve Gala for about 150 people, and what an amazing event it was. I performed four hours of "mingling" close-up magic, and the guests were super cool, but there was one incident that really stands out. It was a surreal and unexpected moment.

(Warning: Explicit language ahead. If you're easily offended by profane language, now is probably a good time to stop reading. You've been warned. Continue at your own risk.)

At one point in the evening they had a comedian do about a 10 minute set. He was funny, but possibly a little too edgy for the crowd. Immediately after his set, I approached a table of three couples. Before I could say a word, one guy at the table looks at me and blurts out, "Get the fuck away! I don't wan't to see a fucken magician. First a comedian, then a magician. Get the fuck out of here!" I was in shock. I didn't know if the guy was serious or joking.

Another guy looks at me, and says. "I want to see some magic." Lo and behold, the second guy turns out to be Joe Pesci (Home Alone, Goodfellas, My Cousin Vinny). I'm thinking "How cool is this?!" So I start my set, and the first guy gets up and walks away. Apparently he was being serious. I made a mental note, and thought, "Some people just don't know how to be happy." 

Anyway, I start my set by borrowing a $100 bill from Mr. Pesci, he writes his initials on the bill, and I proceed to make it disappear in a flash of fire. 

Now I have the table's attention. I bring out my playing cards, and Mr. Pesci proceeds to show me some of his sleight-of-hand skills. He was pretty good. Apparently he did a little magic when he was younger. 

I then proceeded to blow everyone's mind with some card magic and magic with other items. At the end of my set I reproduce the initialed $100 bill, and Mr. Pesci hands it to me, and says, "You keep it." 

Right about that time, the first guy returns to the table, and doesn't say a word to me. In my head I'm thinking I need to thank this guy, because he just gave me a memorable story to tell. 

One last thing, Joe Pesci was the coolest. I was a fan before this encounter, and I'm a bigger fan now. Thank you Mr. Pesci!

New Year's Eve 2017 leading into 2018 will forever remain in my memory. It was a great way to close out the year!

I'm wishing everyone an amazing 2018!

(About the Author: Lou Serrano is a professional magician who performs at high-end social and corporate events. Based out of Los Angeles, he travels the world sharing his special brand of magic, mentalism, and comedy with people just like you.)




Corporate Holiday Party Entertainment Tips

'Tis the season for corporate holiday parties as corporations all across the nation are busy making plans to bring their employees together. The benefits of having a fun-filled event are numerous. Having a company holiday party shows employees that their efforts are appreciated, and can boost morale, encourage teamwork, and enrich the company culture.

One way to ensure your party is a hit is to have the right entertainment. Having a DJ and dancing might be a great fit if you have a lot of people who love to dance, but that isn't always the case. Sometimes it's better to have interactive entertainment that will transcend generational differences.  

Corporate magicians, Lou Serrano and Dee Dee, performing in front of 500 people at a Corporate event N BEVERLY HILLS, CA for Cedars-sinai Medical Center.

As a corporate magician with over 20 years of experience entertaining at events all across the country, I have a few tips on hiring the right entertainment to ensure your event is a huge success.

1. Decide on the type of entertainment your group would enjoy. Comedians, magicians, and jugglers are all good choices for interactive entertainment, but be sure to watch a video of their performances before making a decision. 

2. Determine a budget. Having quality entertainment doesn't have to break the bank, but realize that the best entertainers usually charge more than entertainers with less experience or with a show that isn't as polished. As with most things, you get what you pay for. Entertainers aren't interchangeable. Be sure that the personality and performance style fits the culture of your group.

3. Make sure your entertainers carry liability insurance. In the unlikely event of an accident, you don't want to be held financially responsible. Any professional entertainer will already carry liability insurance (I carry a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy). If your entertainer doesn't carry liability insurance, I'd stay clear. Many venues require a certificate of insurance from all entertainers and vendors, otherwise they won't be allowed on the premises.

4. Strolling entertainment or a formal show. Strolling entertainers are great during the cocktail reception, while a formal show is usually best after dinner. I usually recommend that my show is scheduled after dinner and before desert. Don't have waiters clear tables during a performance as it distracts from the performance. 

5. Staging and sound. Make sure you have adequate performance space where the audience can easily see the performance. Depending on the size of your group, you may want to rent a riser or stage. You also want to make sure you have adequate sound reinforcement. If you have a small group, many entertainers can provide their own P.A. system. I always carry a P.A. system for situations like these.

It's very rare that your employees will remember the food, but people will remember great entertainment years afterward. This holiday season, show your appreciation for your hard working employees by rewarding them with a party they will remember for years to come. 

If you have any other tips, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

Lou Serrano

Corporate Magician

Special Event Photography and Videography by Video Syndicate

If you're having a special event, you want to make sure you capture the spirit of the festivities with photos and video, and Tom Pascucci and his team of professionals at Video Syndicate do a fantastic job of capturing every special moment.

As a professional magician in Los Angeles, I get the opportunity to work with many of the best event specialists in the industry. I recently performed at an event is Somis, CA where the theme of the event was pirates. Yes, PIRATES! As in, "Yo ho, Matey!" type of pirates. Guests and event workers were all dressed in pirate costumes and it was a blast performing magic in such a unique outfit.

Tom was the photographer at this event, and he did a great job of capturing all the fun had by the guests. He also took a couple of pictures of me in my costume, which you can see below.

In any case, if you're looking for a photographer or videographer that will do a great job, check out Video Syndicate's website at, and if you need some world-class magic entertainment (in or out of costume) give me a call. I'd love to discuss how I can make your next social or corporate event a magical success!

Lou Serrano



Celebrating the New Year in The Big Easy (New Orleans)!

After an incredibly busy December, my business partner, Dee Dee, and I decided to take a short vacation to New Orleans to ring in the new year. The following video shows a snippet of our adventures. 

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous 2015!

Lou Serrano